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The aim of this website is to enable all Tigrinya speaking people to connect with and learn more about their culture. Nevertheless, it is also meant for all others who are interested in and already feel the connection with the country, and therefore would like to understand it better.

The idea of this project was initiated by a young friend of mine named Jonathan (Jay Jay from the city Karlsruhe in Germany) 18years of age, who is now well appreciated for paving the way to such a website.

Through creating and designing this website, I have learned that I know more about my culture and history now, then I knew before I started working on this huge project. To avoid this happening to others (not to know about the history of your own ancestry), I have decided to design this website, as to where the Tigrinya-History, Tigrinya-Traditions, Tigrinya-Wisdom and much more that this culture has to offer, can respectfully be displayed to reflect the true beauty of that region. I am hoping to have come close to that achievement.The green background potrays the fertile ground in the Highlands where the Tigrinya culture-group have settled down. The white writing is used to symbolize the warm and welcoming hospitality for any and every guest. Unfortunately, this tradition seems to become more a rarity and in most families non-existent. However, these cultures began to vanish with the colonization of Italians in 1890 and throughout the 30 year long freedom fight against the dominating ethnic group the Amhara in the government of Ethiopia. This brings to effect that now you’ll predominantly find these cultures left only in the many little villages in Eritrea and the northern part of Ethiopia.