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Geez-Software for Windows, Android (Smart phone like Samsung, Huawei, Blackberry, Sony), Linux, Mac, Apple and Iphone

Free Download GeezIME, Geez Ime 

Tigrinya links to free geez software

Before you install the software you need to download the Geez Font.
Click here
After that you can go on to download the geez software to write in Tigrinya / Amharic or Geez on your computer. Free Geez / Tigrinya / Amharic signs to download for windows

How to install and run the software.

If you have downloaded the software you can open and save the folder. Open the folder Run Me and click after that on UniGeez. If you like to write in Geez / Tigrinya or Amharic you must click on the button Geez ON and if you wanna deactivate this you must click on the button Geez OFF

Tigrinya links meaning in different language

Tigrinya linguistic meaning in Deutsch

Tigrinya linguistic meaning in English

Tigrinya links to country profile

Tigrinya links to Ras

Tigrinya history of the provinces of Mereb Milash(Eritrea)

Eritrea history about the Matara in Kebessa
Tigrinya history of hawulti in Eritrea

Republic Hamasien history from Eritrea

Debarwa the capitol from the ancient Kingdom of Midri Bahri(Eritrea) 

Badme history about the conflict of Eritrea & Ethiopia

Was “Badme” the real reason for the war.
A true story about nigisti (nighisti) you can see her on the following picture, her life is destroyed.

Tigray, Nighisti, Nigisti, Badme, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ostafrika, ost Afrika

Tigrinya description in different languages

Description of the Tigrinya in English

Google in Tigrinya for eritrean & north ethiopian(Tigray)

Google in Tigrinya
Tigrinya Google for Eritrean and north Ethiopian